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So what is it about a little girl walking around carrying a baby doll or pushing a baby doll stroller that pushes me over the edge? Could it be the fact that I personally feel we are grooming our future generation of women to be wives, mothers and baby breeders?!  Don’t get me wrong, I am all for motherhood, hell I have two sons, but is the fact that I don’t have a daughter blinding me and making me  anti-baby dolls? I had plenty of baby dolls growing up and I loved all my bony skinny ASSteroid Barbies, so why am I  soooo not baby doll friendly?

Perhaps it’s the idea I believe as women we have to try harder to prove ourselves in corporate America as far as what we can do without flirting, smiling or wearing tight sweaters among other unmentionable things some women do to climb that corporate ladder. I’ll be damned if I give my daughter (if I had one that is) a baby doll or one of those stupid kitchen sets complete with microwave and easy bake ovens for a birthday or holiday gift. No siree! my kid would be getting a laptop, briefcase, PDA and an old-fashioned Franklin Planner to keep up with her play dates and appointments. She will not be pushing around a baby carriage, she will be carrying a briefcase! In fact, she would be taking her school lunch in a leather briefcase!

Am I getting carried away here? I don’t think so! Please ladies (and gentlemen!) stop giving our daughters those baby dolls preparing them for motherhood and brainwashing them into thinking about marriage, dishes, babies and housework….why not give them laptops, PDA’s, briefcases and hell buy them a business suit while you’re at it….stay away from all that frou frou cotton candy pink outfits you’re all drawn too!  Little girls need to wear something more than pink!  Try pin stripes! grey! black…definitely black! and while you’re at it, throw in some greens, reds and perhaps a little more blue….personally if you look closely all that pink makes them look like ‘pepto bismol’!

Ok, ok some of you are probably like hating me now but it’s my personal opinion we should groom our daughters to become successful business women with a hefty retirement and 401K plan and not just to aim to marry and become stepford wives! Come on!  Cross those baby dolls off your holiday and birthday lists! Go for the laptops! Why not?!

Life if good!