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You would think for someone who writes romance books and has tried (and still trying) to get a romance book published that Valentine’s Day would be embraced by this writer. Sorry to disappoint but sadly I feel it isn’t fair for us hard working individuals to be sucked into buying over expensive candies and flowers one day of the year.

Valentine’s day is just another over commercialized holiday, if you can call it that, only used to bilk Americans out of their hard earned dollars, as we get overcharged for a five dollar bouquet of flowers which is marked up at least thirty times over (not sure if on wholesale price) and let’s not forget the price of a chocolate bar which you end up paying about forty dollars for a one dollar candy bar! It is highway robbery I say!  Why men feel they need to spend an insane amount of money on flowers that will wilt within 2 days is beyond me…hello, get with the program and shower her with flowers and candies way before Valentine’s Day…or better yet, tell her you love her every day and don’t wait until February 14 to make up for all your shortcomings…that applies to ladies too!

Do I sound bitter? Have I been dumped? Nah, I’m being realistic…Mr. Eve needs to show up with flowers and candies any other day besides February 14 if he knows any better.

By the way, what the heck does the Easter Bunny have to do with Easter?  Isn’t that some kind of religious Holiday? And what about those stupid Peeps candies, what do they have to do with Easter?  Just asking.

Life if good….