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First I have to apologize to my sister in-law for leaving her hanging and waiting for Father Michael’s latest escapade. I promise to make time to type it, every time I get ready to do so, that darn third glass of wine leaves me sight impaired. 

Today’s post is quick. I hate to turn into one of those “great weather we’re having” people who keep asking, have you seen how much snow we’ve got? Hello?! unless I’m living under a rock I can see the damn snow! It’s getting to the point where I don’t want to take my son to ice hockey practice because…you guessed it!! more freaking ice!  As if things weren’t bad enough now I have to worry about the freaking icicles hanging over our front door like daggers from hell waiting to impale someone…I sure hope the mailman doesn’t have any mail big enough he can’t leave in the mailbox.

The sad part about all this snow and ice is it has made me cross out Alaska from my bucket list. I looked forward to planning a trip to Alaska to see the glaciers and beauty of the snow etc and now I say “what the hell for?’.  Alaska is right in my front door, back yard, driveway, and hell it’s everywhere!  Why should I spend thousands of dollars to see more freaking snow and ice? That’s one trip I won’t be yearning for anytime soon.

Now they are predicting more snow (surprise) on Saturday as if  we need more. Did I mention in one of my posts how I no longer use ice cubes in my beverages since I am protesting this wintry weather of ice and snow? Well soon I’ll be shutting down that stupid ice maker. By the time this winter snow storm is over I will have to check into Betty Ford since I’m still stocking up on wine, bread, wine, milk, eggs, more wine, bread and did I mention wine? every time I hear we’ll be snowed in. The guy at the liquor store looks at me with a twinkle in his eye, at first I thought he found me attractive then I realized he must be thinking I’m a wino and good for him since I keep coming back every Friday it seems.  So now I pace myself and buy my wine at different liquor stores!

I will stop now since I need to refill my wine glass and today I am cheating on Merlot and having a very cold glass of Pinot Noir which I forgot I put in the freezer to chill and boy is it yummy in my tummy and cold as ice……did I just say ice?!

Life is good,