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First I have to confess I am not an authority on current political issues and the following comments are just my personal ramblings…funny how these thoughts pop into my head at the oddest moments.

So society still has issues with our first African-American President and blaming him for the war, unemployment, health care issues and hell they may as well blame him for the price of tea in China!  I don’t get it, isn’t this world big enough to share with? And why not let some other  young non-white haired person run it for a little while? I will tell you why society should stop balking at our current President:

The time will come when the President of the United States will be a Hispanic individual (most likely Puerto Rican) this President will no doubt have to follow everything the First Lady asks of him.  If you think replacing the White House bowling alley with a basketball court was unheard of think of this: the Latin President would build a patio with plastic flamingos and live chickens and roosters and have ‘pig roasts’ every July 4th, and the entire family, known as a zip code, over every weekend! And forget growing organic vegetables in the garden…you don’t even want to know what they would be growing up there. And let’s not forget the First Lady would be caught with her curlers in her hair ( or maybe her doobie…it’s a Spanish thing) while walking her mean-spirited shaking in her feet chihuahua dog. They won’t be walking any fluffy white dog, it’s a chihuahua all the way.

Now the President usually travels all over for a Summit meeting or peace meeting or foreign affair thing or two, not if he’s Latin. The First Lady will start shaking her head and telling him to unpack his bags and have whoever he thought he would visit to fly his sorry carcass down to the good U.S. of A and have the meeting at the White House because Papi is not flying anywhere when Mom is coming to town for a visit.  You may as well forget about the cooks and chefs, we all know every Latina housewife will be in the kitchen making her own sofrito and seasoning her meats with Adobo Goya and she will NOT let any bland-cooking chef make her beans and rice. Totally unheard of.

So I say, sit back and enjoy the view and stop pointing fingers and blaming others for things which have not been changed and or improved over the last 5 years or so. The grass is not always greener on the other side and we all need to let others try their hand at running a country, state, corner or Bodega.

Isn’t this what life is all about?

Without humor life would be such a bore!