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Hi readers! Today I finally figured out how to get a couple of my old articles from Triond (this is a site I experimented with earlier writings) into my blog. These two articles are titled “Who Am I?” and “Closet Monster”. As a writer I have no limits and no subject restrictions. I often get into character, similar to an actor, when I write my stories and these two articles I am proud of, even if they are controversial.

I’m not sure if this is a sign of a true writer but when I’m in my ‘story character’ I can relate to the hero, villain, victim etc. It’s similar to walking in someone else’s shoes and I’m hoping when you read the articles/stories you not only enjoy but feel the emotions in the stories….perhaps I should stop telling you what you should feel and let you tell me…after all, isn’t that what this blog is for?

Thanks again for visiting my new pride and joy and welcome to Eve’s Writing Realm!!