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Ok so now I’m trying to keep this blog updated and perhaps I bit off more than I can chew by adding far too many categories. Not a problem since I am up for the challenge with all the data that’s burning up my active brain cells if I don’t release it quickly.

What the hell is in the Reading Room and why does she need a reading room and all those darn tabs? you ask yourself, when she can just post the darn thing. This is where I ask you to bear with me and my artistic style since in my perfect writing world everything has its purpose.

Oh back to the point I wanted to make….so I mentioned somewhere on this blog that I enjoy writing romance and children’s books but something happened to me when I ventured into James Patterson’s world and after reading some of his books (talk about twisted edge of your seat and who done it! whew! he had me going with Mary Mary among other great books) anyways, after reading one of his books I had an epiphany, make that a ‘senior moment’, and that’s when I decided to write my own murder/mystery which of course would get too many negative comments from family and friends because I had to go and use a Priest…wow, as if they don’t get enough publicity on their own without Eve going on and making it worse.

So enough of my introduction of whatever it is I started to say and can’t for the life of me remember….here is my plan:

I will introduce certain paragraphs (not sure if weekly or daily yet) of my WIP (work in progress) for you to read

The story is about a Priest who after he hears confessions from his parishioners ends up going on a killing spree

Don’t worry, there’s a twist….he doesn’t kill innocent people (yet) he goes after those who hurt the innocent and it wasn’t planned…really.  Well that may change since the story isn’t complete yet.

Well hope you read it and I’m anxious to hear your comments about “Sins of the Father”..make sure you visit the Reading Room tab and have a look!

Enjoy your day,