Welcome to my Writing Realm,  my own personal sanctuary where I have taken the chance and opened myself to the world. Here you will find an assortment of writing from humor to laughter to the “what was she thinking!”.

Here’s a quick tour on what you will find:                                   gypsy-1

The Reading Room: This is where I post my random stories whether they make sense or not. I write it as I see it in my warped creative mind.

Random Writing: In a nutshell, all my random writing ideas…Check out my ‘thank you’ letter to our troops!

Romance: My weakness of course! This is where I’ll share random romance stories whenever the mood strikes. From time to time I will remove them if I decide to use them elsewhere.

Humor: Obviously I’m not a comedian so it’s humor according to me….LOL

Ladies Room: Silly antics for women only. Stuff women can relate to.

Guest Writers: This is where you’ll find posts I’ve enjoyed from other writers. Of course, with their permission I will include anything I feel worthy of sharing with my readers. I also encourage anyone who wants to see their names in lights (or make that print) to email me their creative writing and I will gladly post it on my blog.

Rincon Español: My newest tab considered by stepchild since I’ve abandoned it and refuse to take it down. Trying my best in creating articles in Spanish for my Latin readers. Beware it might start off in perfect Spanish until you begin to notice it’s really Spanglish.

I’m open to suggestions so go for it and I hope you enjoy the contents.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog!



3 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Thank you Margo for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog. Looking forward to continue visiting your blog…I may be contacting you again for book covers ( I got the frozen lake cover from you and LOVE IT!!)

    • Wow, I didnt knew you got a cover from me, the world is so small, right? Thank you Eve.

    • Small indeed..yes the cover was for the Haunted Lake book I’m revising…Looking for 2 more which I’ll email you when ready. Great photos and captions on your blog!

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